Silverbeauty. Black and white and color images of the female nude as myth. Images, shopping cart, biographical note, news of the artist.

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Silverbeauty at Moon River   Moon River

Many of these photographs were created in the abandoned upper floors of Moon River Brewing Company, a historic building that became Savannah's first hotel (City Hotel) when built in 1821. The bottom floor is now used as a microbrewery and restaurant, while the upper floors are home to extraordinary colored layers of crumbling architecture, and like most old places in Savannah, rumors of ghosts.

Silverbeauty Earthdreams Earthdreams

This is a collection of figures in the landscape, using the beauty of the earth to highlight the divine human form.

Silverbeauty Songlines . Songlines

This collection includes figures inside human structures, or figures accompanying architectural creations.

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