Trey's Travelogues 

The Puddle Pages simply would not be complete without some sort of contribution from our friend and brother of sorts, Trey. Trey and I are literally as close as two individual human beings can be; in fact, we're continually being mistaken for one another! One of the reasons that we get along so well is that we share a common love for exploring the Invisible Landscape, and Trey is particularly gifted at downloading the essence of his travels in hyperspace into English. What follow are my favorites of his tales from the other side...

DMT: Unleashing the Serpent Power

DPT (smoked): Holy Smokin' Ghost!!!

DPT (insufflated): A Rip-Snortin' Rough Ride

Ketamine: First Impressions

 MDMA + 2C-B: A Hyperspatial Heart-Opening

 Mescalysergic Visions

 Pharmahuasca (Moclobemide + N.N. DMT): A Psychic Vivisection

 2C-B + DXM: Fertilizing the Cosmic Egg

 2C-B + Ketamine: Peeking behind the Curtain

2C-T-7: Lucky Seven Indeed!

4-Acetoxy-DIPT: Evicting the Entity

Breathing Magic: Mythago loses his virginity to N.N. DMT

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