Articulations by Jody Schiesser all work onsite is scrytchable

~ journal ~

read o black love, a novel
ooLove isn't choice but life is - a novel of friends, innocence, love, and somersaults into the wild life.
o Plastic Jesus
ooBen knelt by a line of fireworks tubes, lighting fuses.
o The Terrible Meaning of Awe
ooThe earth hummed, maybe from being so near to where she was.
o dreaming the waterfall
ooSilvergirl chrysalis and the birthing of silverbutterfly.
o Silvergirl Moon
ooThe oak gave each of us a silver leaf, very beautifully crafted.
o Texas Decadence
ooSix days of weird in the land of Shiner Bock.


o The Allure of the Human Figure
ooAn Essay about the dance in the art of the figure, published in The Sensuous Line.
o Burning Down The House
ooA music review on the Spo-It's, published in Circuit Traces.


o The Street Cleaner
oo As prostitutes disappear from Savannah's Historic District, one savvy streetwalker believes it could never happen to her. She could also be dead wrong.
o Throwaway
oo A feature film about two American kids who encounter love, drugs, midgets, and a Lobster Boy as they seek to overcome a sense of societal isolation and make sense of their lives.
o Genetic Terror
ooSometimes things just go wrong. Horribly, DNA deviating, gene-splicingly wrong...


o I am Your Cosmic Fool
ooThe foreverlands of futures promise an unheralded ambition.
o Deep Beats
ooFlecks of interstellar dust and hope in a smooth plastic record.
o beautiful thing
ooBut it is true, they fear her more than death...
o Butterfly Piñata
ooSelf shivering in the shelter of fingers.
o Potato Feed Girl
ooA mental kick in the stomach.
o Stop Waiting
o Butterfly Screams
o Only the dead work with magic
o ice cream truck tragedy
o Riddlekisses
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