Deep Beats

honeysuckle laughter

The fire rises from my feet and burns up my spine, blue electric licks of pure energy that scream, make me scream, yeah, I want to go there so badly, to slip the connection, in, then back out, POP! into my body with a secret so profound it is NOT a secret. I can feel it coming, and I touch the earth, hold her as a mother and a way to sink in and earthdream. The rush rises inside, settles in my skull, calls to the hum of life between stars, the scatter of far suns & distant asteroids, flecks of interstellar dust and hope in a smooth plastic record and its cheap mechanical player.

A voice pulls me there, not howling, or afraid, a voice of love.

The record skips, didgeridoo and monkey screams, an eagle cry… so far on the other side of the universe that the wet blue air tastes like ripe honeydew, a sweetness that drips down my chin, slips along my neck, a slick drop that nestles in between breasts and I forgot I had such softness until that very moment, just as a meteorite burns into the sky with the light of the sun. It lasts for a bare instant and I feel its heat; it is the kiss of gods, it is dream, a fragment of beautiful curiosity.

I hug my arms tight to myself and laugh big gulps of alien air. When you go somewhere different it is so easy. You forget all the trappings that hold you, the clutter that tugs with its mundaneness or practicality. There, in the otherspace, such things do not matter. They shouldn’t. Just like back home, they exist but they shouldn’t mean anything.

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Written by Jody Schiesser
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