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About Mythago

Mythago is a collection of beauty and strange delight, never static, always changing. Its images strive to offer a certain innocence, character, and trueness that can be only found when imagination runs unfettered.  

As a Web gallery Mythago looks best in some of the latest browsers, such as Netscape or Microsoft's Explorer.  

The address for Mythago is http://www.lavondyss.com/gallery/mythago.html  

Mythago changes a few times a month, with the addition of new work. It is getting large enough now that we will probably start cycling some of the older artwork (showing some images for two weeks, then changing and showing other images for two weeks, and then showing the first images, etc.). What we normally do is "hang" photographs or digitized art, with both a smaller thumbnail for those with slower connections, and a larger version of the image. Information is either provided about the artist, or we link to the artist's home page or perhaps other galleries where their work may be displayed.  

The main gallery page lists the titles and categories of images. Green text signifies links to the lower Mythago images that have not been viewed. Dark blue text marks images seen.  

Below the image are links to the artist's email address, bios, and Internet home page if available.   

How to Contact Us
We welcome comments about Mythago; please email us at mythago@lavondyss.com 

If you are interested in submitting artwork, here are our guidelines:  

First, send us the images you'd like to submit (and optionally any accompanying image explanation, bio, etc.).  

We can accept submissions in the following manner:  

  1. You could encode your submissions (any format) and put it in an email to us at
  2. mythago@lavondyss.com.


  3. Send submissions by regular mail. 
  4. Lavondyss Productions
    118 Blueleaf Court
    Savannah, GA 31410  USA 
If submitting a real print, straight image, no matting, would be perfect. For electronic scans of prints, an image size around 800x600 would be great if you have it. 

Technical Information
Mythago looks and navigates better if you are using a browser which support backgrounds, tables, inline jpeg images, etc. We use HTML 4.0 coding. Our pages should be viewed with a setting greater than 256 colors. If you have problems with any of these things, please let us know at info@lavondyss.com

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