Dear John,


October 23, 199-

I don't even want to analyze the thing. P.J. knew I went to see my old girlfriend at the club in the city. She knew my old girlfriend wanted to be a rock-and-roll singer. When I saw her on stage again last weekend it brought back all the memories. Six years ago and I felt the same way about _____ that I feel now about P.J:

It has become the time for me to respond, to choose between either leading the chaste life, totally away from everyone, in as much as I can practically accomplish that, or following this other way, this American lotto-dream, where you meet the right girl, fall in love, and live happily ever after.

All that jazz. All the same old stuff.

That's what I wrote about _____ six years ago. P.J. has become the obstacle for me now.

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Written by Mark Newlon
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