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Lavondyss Productions is now accepting sponsorship for several of the web pages at our site. All sponsors will receive a sponsorbox ad linking to their homepage and/or an additional page devoted to the sponsor. Each banner would physically be about 3 inches by 1 inch, or about 1/3 the width of a computer screen.

World Wide Web sponsorship is defined as payment by an advertiser for links, logos and sponsorship opportunities on a publisher's site where the content of that site attracts visitors independently of the advertising listings. The links and logos of the advertising banner take on the attributes of an interactive billboard.

Our domain receives approximately 25,000 visits each day. This number is based on our web access statistics for the past three months.

Sponsorship boxes can be placed at the following locations within Lavondyss (six month contracts paid in advance receive a 10% discount):

If you are interested in viewing the existing galleries for these pages, please send email to:

o Mythago

o Mythago New Things page, Rotating Image page, Offsite Links page

o Lavondyss Home page

o Lavondyss Read This page

o Bodyscapes Gallery

o Rumble & Woodsmoke

o The Spo-it's Main page

These are our most popular web pages that are available for sponsorship; all other pages at our site accept sponsorship at $50 per month or $20 per week.

If your company or organization is interested, please contact us via email at, or through the address and phone number below:

As always, forward & extent!

Chris Erickson & Jody Schiesser, partners
Lavondyss Productions
118 Blueleaf Court
Savannah, GA 31410 USA
phone: (912)897-6439

Lavondyss is one of the top 5% sites on the Internet, check out our review at Point Communications.

Glenn Davis's Cool Site of the Day featured us as a Categorically Cool site for the week of November 6, 1995.

The UK magazine Photon published one of the photographs from our Mythago gallery in its September 1995 print edition, along with the words that the picture came from one of the "three top Internet WWW exhibits."

Words from our visitors:

I've had a great evening browsing through your site. I will definitely return at regular intervals. Your page layouts, textures, colours, etc. are fantastic.
-- Regards, John

A delightful and fascinating tour. I've made a permanent bookmark.
-- Tal Williams

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