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New Things: (As of June 17, 2001)

Mythago's latest changes and important notes are detailed below.

Current Information

o Mythago's Images are Inline Jpegs
o More about Mythago (how to view, submitting, contacting the artists, etc.)
o Skinkisses List of Print Availability and Prices

New Images

o Mythago's Featured Rotating Image (last flux February 8, 1999)
o God is surf - by Kevin Roberts
o Awaiting Dissolution - by Jody Schiesser

New Offsite

o Mythapoeia
o Infrared Nudes by Lindsay Garrett
o Fine Art Nude Photography Collective
o Mortimer's Visual Links
o The Sensuous Line
o Bodyscapes Phototours
o Dan Leighton's figure photography
o Saelon Renkes's photographs
o Darkness Fish
o David Rapoport Photography

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