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SYNOPSIS: Jesse, a young man, spreads the words 'You Are Beautiful' through the streets of his home city.  When he and his friend Kia encounter the troubled and homeless Many-Colored Man, the value of Jesse's message is challenged.  Can 'You Are Beautiful' reach someone who has never heard those words, or more importantly, doesn't believe them about himself?

Music by Dubtribe Sound System, Keith Kozel, and Emmie Beretta

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JESSE (Michael Foo) - A young man and a dreamer from Savannah, Georgia, who attempts to share a message of positive self realization.

KIA (Chelsea Darling) - His friend/girlfriend who sometimes bluntly grounds Jesse in reality.

THE MANY-COLORED MAN (J.R. Roberts) - A troubled homeless man the two encounter on the streets of Savannah.

BRIN (Kelcey Black) - A young girl the three encounter at a playground in Savannah.

You Are Beautiful

YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL was made in the spirit of the You Are Beautiful movement ( that originated in Chicago, Illinois, USA.

The installation for one of the scenes in the movie was profiled
by the local ABC News affiliate, WJCL, on Sunday, July 12, 2008

Another installation of the message was reported
by the local CBS News affiliate, WTOC, on Tuesday, November 12, 2008

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This film was made with the help of a dedicated and talented cast and a competent crew that feels like family. I was able to trust everyone with my vision. For me, it's exhilarating to collaborate creatively this way.YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL Production Credits

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You Are Beautiful - a short film

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