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o Plastic Jesus by Jody Schiesser
ooBen knelt by a line of fireworks tubes, lighting fuses.
o Love & Possible Worlds by Amba
ooI watch her, wanting to kiss her but loading the rifle. She just looks at me and smiles.
o The Terrible Secret by Thomas Wiloch
ooIt began when a man carved a cross in his head...
o Jesus & Me by Tony Roberts
ooSee there's Jesus, surrounded by all these hot babes dancing to the Stones....
o "Texas Decadence" by Jody Schiesser
ooSix days of weird in the land of Shiner Bock.
o "Letters from P.J." by Mark Newlon
ooAppropriated from the journal of John Flaherty and the letters of his secret admirer.
o Silver Girl by Angie Chau (from Greenbelt Review)  new
ooMy best friend looks like those princesses they draw in children’s fairy
ootales. She has sweet clear eyes and Botticelli lips and a blaze of auburn
oohair always in perfect disarray from riding in her dad’s convertible.
o untitled by David Kennerly (from McSweeney's)
ooHe had always tried to be a gentleman, courteous, respectful in the
oomost thorough way, and believed he was doing his utmost to continue
oothis philosophy when he realized he was having a heart attack...
Winner of McSweeney's Twenty-Minute Stories contest.
o The Mighty Up by Maggie Dubris (from Big Bridge)
ooMy jeans were covered with a tapestry of frogs. I tried to draw one
oointo my Spanish book, but every time I caught a focus the shape
oochanged slightly. I was sure I was seeing some kind of archetype.
o Art is Gossip told by Toads by Zachary Jean Chartkoff (from deepsouth)
ooMargaret Atwood once asked a group of women at a university why
othey felt threatened by men. The women said they were afraid of being
oraped, beaten and killed. She then asked a group of men why they felt
othreatened by women. The men answered they were afraid the women
owould laugh at them.
o The Surf Guru by Doug Dorst (from ZYZZYVA)
ooHow does one kill fear, I wonder?
o Red Spiral Notebook by Cintra Wilson (from Zoetrope All-Story)
ooI cry and laugh simultaneously like I've suddenly been let in on the whole
oojoke, like I've suddenly stuck my head through the ceiling-membrane of
ooof human drama and been allowed to see the whole world play at once
ooinstead of just my maddening little role.
o They Do Not Always Remember by William S. Burroughs
ooTales from a Mexico cafe.
o Party Under the Lilac by Joanna Rose (from ZYZZYVA)
ooThe shine of moonlight between bodies.
o Christine by Nina Newington (from Urban Desires)
ooThe lizard tongue flicks at my ears and face.

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