winds of light

there's a breeze blowing
someone is taking the boy to
an opening, a place of power
something will happen there

an answering of quest?
or the beginning of question?

it's beautiful, this place
the colors fall as leaves of intertwined goddesses, crystal female kisses,
and the soft touch of truth

my skin trembles and guesses
I know where this place might be
it is well protected
a far deep secret in the hinterlands of the realities
a place of honor
where one can hear a voice
the clear melodies of tune

it is an easy song
the learned ones say
go there
and the winds of light shall dance the thing you cannot imagine
the one thing not yet free for you to imagine
it spins,
cupped in the boy's hands
see how close
how beautiful this sweet untold possibility?
go there.

- Jody Schiesser, July 18, 2000, for Finn