The Entheogenic Internet

(in alphabetical order)

Last Updated: 02/14/00

AUTHOR'S NOTE: Welcome to the World Wide Web! As you will find, the Internet is home to an unbelievably rich collection of entheogen related information, and this is a list of some of the most valuable resources I've found in cyberspace on the topic. There is one thing I would like to make quite clear at the start: this is not intended to be a complete list; that would require a separate book of its own. However, herein lies the beauty of the web: you can access nearly everything else out there on the subject and related topics by following the hypertext links (higlighted sections of text that one can click on with a mouse to access other web pages) contained within these sites. Happy surfing!

DISCLAIMER:All of the businesses and organizations listed herein supply their products and services for informational purposes only. Spores and kits are sold for identification purposes only. Use of any products or information inconsistent with this goal is done at the reader's own liability and risk. The author of this document does not condone or encourage the violation of any laws.