Erik Lazier & Friends
Attempts at Honesty

This is a compilation of various bits & pieces of music that I have written and recorded over the past 10 years or so in mp3 format. A warning up front: due to a variety of different recording conditions, the sound quality varies quite widely from track to track with a few dropouts & such here and there...basically, this is a collection of *demos* rather than anything prepared for any sort of release, and often sounds like it. ;) Any sort of constructive criticism or feedback (no pun intended) you might have to offer would be greatly appreciated, especially unvarnished first impressions – please email

1.    Brilliant Possibility A (3:48)
2.    Nexus B (5:15)
3.    Paradise Lost C (2:55)
4.    Opening Line A (2:50)
5.    Dharma C(4:16)
6.    Need A (3:48)
7.    Dreaming Myself Home B (2:59)
8.    Beautiful Distraction A (4:06)
9.    Ivy and Thorns C (4:12)
10.    Golden Mean C (3:00)
11.    Turning Point A (3:44)
12.    Mockingbird B (3:22)
13.    Home Free A (5:45)
14.    Down to the River A (4:51)

Erik Lazier: All guitars & vocals
Michael Coleman: Bass on “A” tracks
Bruce Hamilton: Drums on “A” tracks

All songs written and copyright 2002 Erik Lazier except:
“Nexus” and “Home Free” (Music: Erik Lazier & Stephen Jordan, Lyrics: Lazier)
“Dreaming Myself Home” (Music: Lazier, Lyrics: Kati Schardl)
“Ivy and Thorns” (Music: Lazier, Lyrics: Judy Olsen)
“Golden Mean” (Music & Lyrics: Merlin Mann)

A: 8-track studio demos with band recorded by Tommy Hamilton, Tallahassee,             
     FL, Spring 1993
B: Four track cassette acoustic home demos, 1993-1994. Note the exceptional fidelity of
     the recording. ;)
C: Solo, live to 2-track digital by Michael Coleman, Tallahassee, FL, Summer 1995

“Nexus” is dedicated to Alexander Shulgin.