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Welcome to the Donut Hole! Here you will find all sorts of interesting, illuminating, and inspiring information constellated around the obsessions of your host and curator, Forbidden Donut. Warning : if you are faint of heart or narrow of mind, get thee to a nunnery post haste! However, if you have an adventurous spirit, strong constitution, and a taste for the bizarre, follow me down into the strange loops of my reality tunnel...and if you've REALLY got guts, click here to see a picture of what I looked like circa January,1996.

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The information presented within the Donut Hole comes from many different sources and represents the opinions of a highly diverse group of individuals. As curator, my role is to collate and present these data, opinions, and beliefs as is my right under the First Amendment to the Constutition of the United States.

Being a mere human (so far,) subject to the same frailties of others of my species, I cannot guarantee the accuracy of any of the data presented here, nor do I advocate that anyone do anything other than read it. Portions of this material may relate to subjects that are legally questionable. Although I am neither a lawmaker nor a politician, it is my understanding that while certain plants, chemicals, and activities can apparently be made illegal, facts of nature and human ideas about them (correct or incorrect) are currently exempt from such classification.The curator of this website does not condone, encourage, or wish to facilitate the violation of any laws.

Anyone has the existential freedom to do what they choose with what they read, but that has no connection with what I or others may have contributed to the content of this website. Readers who act on any information contained within these pages do so of their own free choice and must accept full responsibility for such decisions.

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