Limited Model Release and Photographic Disclaimer
Bodyscapes Sample Document

Bodyscapes hereby consents to and authorizes the use and reproduction by you, the photographer, or anyone authorized by you, of photographs which you have taken of Bodyscapes models, negatives or positives, for the purposes of personal portfolios, personal promotion, photo contests, art publications, gallery exhibitions and sales of individual prints. Any other use requires additional authorization/consent by Bodyscapes and possible compensation.

Photographs will not be used by photographers for mass reproduction or sold for commercial purposes to an external advertiser. Photographs will not be submitted to stock agencies.

Photographs will not be used in any publication which is obviously, explicitly and solely pornographic, nor in anyway which is obviously and explicitly degrading to the human body in general or to the model specifically.

Any uncertainty regarding usage may be settled by consulting Bodyscapes.


I have read and understand and am willing to abide by the above terms or face the legal consequences which may result.

I agree not to hold Bodyscapes or Apogee Photo, Inc. responsible for any personal injury I may suffer due to my own negligence, carelessness, or incidental accident while attending a Bodyscapes workshop.

Photographer Name:_____________________________________

Signature:___________________________________________ date___________


For the purposes of this contract the following words and phrases will be defined as follows:
publication-a book, magazine or published work, as well as, video, computer, or broadcast mediums which are accessible to the public. This includes all current media types, as well as, future media types. obviously- easily seen, discovered or understood.
explicitly-free from all vagueness and ambiguity.
solely-to the exclusion of all else
pornographic-the depiction of erotic behavior intended to cause sexual excitement
degrading-that which deprives one of proper standing or true function; that which brings into disrepute; that which perverts
mass reproduction- to reproduce 100 or more times