black love
A Novel




a dance in the lightFour boys, seniors in high school and about to graduate, seek to overcome a sense of isolation by creating a family out of friends. They know they don't want to lead the life modeled by their middle-class parents and the society around them.

Ander, in particular, struggles to articulate a sweetness that he senses beneath the surface of ordinary life. He falls in love with Amba, a singer and painter.

His pursuit of beauty leads to a fight with a group of bikers after the friends share psychedelics with one of the biker’s girlfriends. One of Ander’s friends freaks, grabs an axe, and kills two of the bikers. The deaths are too much to deal with—they hide the bodies in a church, burn it, and flee to Mexico.

After arriving at Tim's uncle's place, they soon realize that refuge cannot be found by running away. The novel concludes in the foreign topography of desert hill country, with truth clouded by additional psychedelics and the necessity of dealing with who they’ve become.


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