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118 Blueleaf Court
Savannah, GA 31410 USA
(912) 897-6439

email: mythago@lavondyss.com
home page: www.lavondyss.com/jody.html
portfolio: www.lavondyss.com/silvermythago.html
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  • Who: Freelance writer, editor, web developer, designer, photographer, filmmaker, and Internet consultant
  • What: Looking for work in writing, journalism, new media, web site programming/design, content editing, copywriting, information architecture, graphic design, and/or publishing


I am capable of full-cycle web development from conception to planning to design to implementation to content. My freelance experience has enabled me to adopt a hands-on attitude to all aspects of a project.


    August 1995 - Present
    Freelance Writer/Web Developer/Content Editor, Savannah, Georgia.
    August 1995 - Present

    Visual Landscape Architect, Lavondyss Productions, Savannah, Georgia.
    • Management of Lavondyss, partner with 50% equity in the company.
    • Producer, editor, project manager, and creative director for the Lavondyss web site.

    May 2000 - July 2001
    Webmaster, Memorial Health University Medical Center, Savannah, Georgia.
    • Project Manager and chief developer for Memorial's Internet presence.
    • Designed the look and feel for Memorial's various Internet and Intranet web projects.
    • Programmed and designed dynamic database solutions for hospital information, including content management and website interactivity.
    • Developed an information architecture of form, function, metaphor, navigation and interface, interaction, and visual design. The architecture simplified the management and organization of Memorial's Internet and Intranet content.
    • Participated in the early development of a physician web portal for patient information.

    February 1992 - August 1995
    Vice-President for Development, SABIA Corporation, Ann Arbor, Michigan.
    • Management of SABIA Corporation, including hiring/training/supervising of staff, marketing, and software design.
    • Specialized in the development and implementation of computer-based solutions that solve information problems encountered by large-scale business and social institutions.
    • Installed software within a client's organizational culture, including training, excellent user manuals, and comprehensive technical support.
    • Partner with one-third equity in the company.


  • College University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, Michigan
    • Major - Computer Engineering
    • Honors - Recipient of four-year, full academic scholarship
    • Activities - Contributing writer to the Barbaric Yawp, the English Department's literary journal


    • Various Articles (Including the Naked vs. the Nude), Sensuous Line (Fall 1997-Spring 1998)
    • Silvergirl Moon, Mod Magazine, Silver Girl Records (Spring 1997)
    • Boots, Paramour Magazine Volume 3, Issue 4 (1996)
    • A Dance in the Light, Paramour Magazine Volume 3, Issue 3 (1996)
    • Soundz, Burning Down the House-music review, Circuit Traces (Jan-Feb 1996)
    • Skinkiss, Calgary Photographic Society (December 1995)
    • Various Stories & Articles, Lavondyss Productions (1995-2003)



    • Software Knowledge
      Various word processors (Microsoft Word, Word Perfect), spreadsheets (Excel, Lotus), MS Office, desktop publishing (Corel Draw, PageMaker, Ventura, Quark Express), image tools (Adobe Photoshop, Paint Shop Pro, Corel Suite, Adobe Illustrator), expert systems, networks (Windows Networking, Microsoft NT, Novell, UNIX, Internet), communications (Internet, email, chat, IM), programming environments (Visual FoxPro, C, C++, Pascal, BASIC, Clipper, xBASE, Filemaker Pro, LISP, Visual Basic, Access, Visual C++), as well as numerous World Wide Web/Internet technologies (Dreamweaver, Allaire HomeSite, native HTML coding, Netscape, Microsoft Explorer, FTP, PGP, Java, Javascript, VBScript, server side programming (ASP, PHP, and Cold Fusion), Internet databases (Access, SQL Server, MySQL), dynamic content development and management, Macromedia Flash, Quicktime, MP3, Real Audio, Film/Video Editing (Adobe Premiere and Avid Xpress DV), DVD Authoring (Adobe Encore)

    • Operating Systems
      Windows 9x, Windows NT, Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows 3.1, DOS, Macintosh, UNIX

    • Strong expository writing, editing, copywriting, technical writing, and word processing skills.


    • Reading, art, music, traveling, friends, life.

References available upon request