the Puddle
greensilverpurple. the clouds or the leaves of a goddess, the flash shadow she has left and a place she will be again. The puddle is alive... believe it, it's truth.
Zoom - one body - taste it forever... we floated and were one creature, making spiritual love to each other and the universe at the same time and very little can ever come close. Maybe the hints across the bridge do. But we are happy with the center. It is our secret. With it, the void becomes meaningless and the Guardians cannot keep us out. With the puddle, we can GO.


the crystal shard of ur-love, beyond love. so beautiful, so silver... the rainbow butterflygirl dances out from it with a hinting so astonishing it staggers THIS universe to catch even a glimpse.

"The world opened up
to the souls of special people
and we formed the ultimate space,
a puddle of us."
~ sarah wrote this in my buzzy bee book


How do we cross the bridge?
creativity and grace.

And what births these?

How is that found?
just listen. beneath it all, the children giggle.
so easy when it is sweet and true.

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